Monday, April 12, 2010

Are You Here?

Right now, are you here?

Are you conscious of the ground beneath your feet, the in-and-outness of your breath, the beating of your heart? Do you notice the brilliance of your fingers that wrap perfectly around a pen? Are you aware of the brother or sister who sits next to you in your office or on the train?

Are you seeing the vast sky? Are you noticing the deep silence that underlies every sound? Are you clasping the hand of your own divine spirit?

Your spirit is the wealthiest asset you will ever possess.


Do not forsake it to dance with fear.

Come back to here. Come back to now.

Come back to You.


s.lee said...

Thank you! Expressed exquisitely....

betz said...

Blessings! Awareness of our brothers and sisters is so important, its not all about the individual, today it universal. THANK YOU

nagel construction said...

Very well put. In the craziness of life sometimes it easy to take for granted the thoughts that we are able to process and the heart that is not going to beat forever and that is why I preach to make the most of every day God has given you. a drug free Christ oriented establishment forever. Thank you for sharing your beautiful poem with the world and God bless you.