Sunday, November 30, 2008

Are You Here?

Right now, are you here?

Are you conscious of the ground beneath your feet, the in-and-outness of your breath, the beating of your heart? Do you notice the brilliance of your fingers that wrap perfectly around a pen? Are you aware of the brother or sister who sits next to you in your office or on the train?

Are you seeing the vast sky? Are you noticing the deep silence that underlies every sound? Are you clasping the hand of your own divine spirit?

Your spirit is the wealthiest asset you will ever possess.


Do not forsake it to dance with fear.

Come back to here. Come back to now.

Come back to You.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Hats Off To Us

Look at us, everyone.

Look at the diamond we have discovered amid the mud of war, terror, lack and a gasping economy.

The diamond is our own True Self, arising to help us unstumble ourselves and our broken world. Together, we chose a blazing bright new President and in so doing we now have a reflection of our own soul, eager to inch us further into oneness, into unity, into wisdom.

As a result – in one blindingly wise and visceral moment - one of the deepest scars on our national consciousness has dissolved into near nothingness.

Hurray for us, hurray for our country, hurray for the world.