Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Double Rainbow

The soft sounds of “Over the Rainbow” accompanied mourners as they filed slowly out of Tim Russert’s moving memorial last week. Emerging outside, they were stopped, stunned – by the inexplicable vision of a double rainbow splayed out across the Washington sky.

For those of us who are accepting of the subtle and overt symbols of God’s Hand, this kind of occurrence is not a surprise. For others, it may appear simply mysterious; an event to be remembered but not fathomed.

Either way, for me it was another one of those times when tears come to my eyes over the evidence of Divine Presence in our lives.

This double rainbow arose from Love, without which there would be no Tim Russerts, no rainbows, no smiles, no tears, no tenderness, no storms, no healings, no life whatsoever.

To the rainbow: thanks for letting us know Tim is OK.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Hello, Tim

Yesterday Tim Russert was suddenly promoted to the next plane. And, wow, are we going to miss him.

Tim came to visit me –and millions more- each Sunday morning, bringing his gift of trenchant, intuitive and always fair probings into political consciousness. Rain or shine, he radiated authenticity, which is why we all accorded him our deepest trust. In a world rampant with personal agendas and tilted views, Tim was one of the rare beings who had acquired a doctorate in sanity.

I grieve our loss. Yet I take his moving on as a signal that now the challenge is ours. We, too, can emulate the grace, faith and sanity he came here to demonstrate.

Monday, June 2, 2008

The Sound of Sacred

This morning I did a meditation while listening to a recording by Tibetan monks. They are chanting the word OM, but that simple statement in no way describes what these monks are creating. What they produce is a multi-level, multi-hued, multi-toned symphony using only the word OM as their instrument.

What entered my ears and reverberated through my soul was the sound of life itself; an intimation of all beginnings and all endings. I felt I was listening to the truest sound I will ever hear.

Someone once told me that these monks dedicate their entire life to learning how to sing the word OM in multiple chords simultaneously. When I hear the results of their training, I know exactly why they spent so many years learning this high art. They are chanting Godspeak.

Normally our view of life comes from being perched atop a handful of strands in the great carpet of human life. Listening to the sounds of these monks takes me further: it is like sitting in the lap of the Weaver.