Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Don't be afraid of messiness.
Isn't the sun messy with its love?
Doesn't rain bring life and spoilage
with one sleek stroke?
Can't beauty sometimes disguise itself
as bruises?
Isn't a piece of dust allowed to sing?

Happiness already knows
we often forget to unwrap it.
It just lies quietly, a dazzling seed
inching upward in our hard ground,
waiting for our eyes
to become Spring.


Sneha Singh said...

Gorgeous Gorgeous GORGEOUS! I'm sharing this one with your permission Elsa!

Love always, Sneha

JENR said...

So lovely Elsa~ thank you.
Love, Jen

Quotesnsayings said...

A beautiful one ! Thanks for sharing. :-)

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forrestlf said...

What a glorious wordsmith you are!

Anonymous said...

Lovely-this has truly brought a smile to my face.

Stephanie Wiest said...

Right on target today, as always!!

Thank you, angel Elsa, for perfectly expressing what my heart feels!! A 14-year fan and almost daily visitor to your website, I am so grateful to you for all I've learned here and the encouragment and guidance I've received over the years, usually precisely when needed! Again, heartfelt thanks to you for your help. I APPRECIATE YOU!!

Stephanie Wiest said...

Thank you...